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The 73rd annual Trailblazers is now in our rear view mirror. What a great event it was. On April 22rd, approximately 730 of the faithful gathered at the Carson Center, beginning in the afternoon for the Tom Cates Memorial Bike Show, presented by Hagerty Insurance. At 6:00 pm, it was time to head inside the banquet hall for dinner and the awards program.

The program to recognize this year’s honorees began with a wine toast to the late-great race promoter J. C. Agajanian. Sons Chris and Jay Agajanian were in attendance to share the toast on stage. Following dinner, it was time for the Hall of Fame inductions and other special awards.

Trailblazers Hall of Fame Inductees:

Jim Buchanan
Billy Hamill
Tony Murphy
Norm McDonald
Gary Preston (posthumous)
Bill VanTichelt

Special Awards:

Judy Whitson: Lucile Flanders Award
Dave Ekins: Dick Hammer Award

At the conclusion of the awards program, all attending Trailblazers Hall of Famers were invited to the stage for our annual group photo. Seen in the Dennis Suter photo above are:

Front row / Left to right: Paul Hunt, Al Rogers, Bob Bailey, Digger Helm, Elmer Rasmussen (front), Preston Petty (back), Del Kuhn (front), Sammy Tanner, Lori Conway, CH Wheat, Jim Buchanan, Larry Huffman, Buddy Stubbs, Dan Haaby, Ralph White.

Middle / Center of photo left to right: Jim Odom, Dennis Mahan, Tom Horton (front), Peter Starr (back), Tony Murphy, Steve Storz, Bryon Farnsworth.

Back row / Left to right: Tom White, Billy Hamill (thumbs up), Jim O’Neal, Malcolm Smith, Jody Nicholas, Darryl Bassani, Mary McGee, ? (back), Susie Ellsworth (front), Mike Konle (back); Ernie Aragon (front), Sonny Nutter, Rob Morrison (front), ? (back), Gary Jones, Don Emde, Dave Ekins, Stu Peters, Bill VanTichelt, ?,Jerry Hatfield (front), ? (back),Norm McDonald, Allan D’alo, Chris Carter, Dallas Baker, Thad Wolff.

Published Monday, May 02 2016

74th Annual Trailblazers Banquet
Saturday, April, 7, 2018

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