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About Us

Trailblazers Board of Directors

  1. President: Don Emde
  2. Vice President: Keith Mashburn
  3. Secretary: Judy Whitson


Other Directors

  1. Ernie Aragon
  2. Gary Bryson
  3. Paul Collins
  4. Bryon Farnsworth
  5. Paul Flanders
  6. Tom Horton
  7. Jody Nicholas
  8. Tom Seymour
  9. Peter Starr
  10. Skip Van Leeuwen
  11. Tom White


Contact Info

Mailing Address: Trailblazers c/o Motorcycle Industry Council, 2 Jenner St. Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618.



Stay current about the Trailblazers online at:


The Trailblazers M.C. is a sub-committee of the Motorcycle Industry Council.